viernes, 21 de diciembre de 2012

the purple and English text.

I want to write all in english -I'm Argentinian, just in case.- Because a week ago I had my English graduation by an institute!! and I have to put in practise my new improvent (? sometimes I need to translate, but I feel very secure now because I can read and write a lot in English. maybe when you read this,you'll notice it have a lot of mistakes or it's very stuctured, but it was maked with love, ahhaha. 
I don't know what more I can say -pss, I can write more in English, but my brain is out in this moment and I can't think things to say.-
Oh, In 2013,  It's my school graduation!! I feel  a little sad because I'm going to go to the university that is harder than the school and I'll see my school's partners less :( . But it's a step that I have to do, because life is so!! and I have to grow up, although I don't want it. 
Ok, I think it's enough English for today. maybe tomorrow I'll write a little more, only to have more practise and don't lose some words.
Bye, and have a beautiful day :D

So, It’s going to be Christmas. It’s so rare. I don’t know,it’s just that the year was going so fast, as if I had celebrated the new year YESTERDAY!!! 
I wish that you have the best xmas ever! and I wish for me: PARTIES, MY 

De Pequeños ♥

De Pequeños ♥